Smart DIY Ideas to Repurpose Your Old Furniture

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Smart DIY Ideas to Repurpose Your Old Furniture


With tools like a portable table saw, hooks, brush, and others, it is possible to repurpose old furniture. So, before you think of where to get rid of old furniture or decide to call furniture stores that take away old furniture, think of repurposing furniture into something useful. 

How to Repurpose Old Furniture

  • Change junk chairs into a bench

It is possible to create a nice bench using old chairs. All you require is:

  • Old chairs.
  • Paint or stain
  • Fabric
  • Plywood
  • Padding or foam
  • Sandpaper 

Sand the wood and add a stain to protect the chairs and make it look new. Next, use the plywood to form a bench-like surface across the chairs and nail it down. Lastly, add padding and fabric to make the seating area soft.

Park furniture
  • Never get rid of your rocking chair

Dispose of old furniture especially rocking chairs should never be an option. Instead, use them to create a swing. What you will require is:

  • The sitting section of your rocking chair.
  • Hooks
  • A rope
  • Sandpaper 
  • Paint 
  • A sturdy tree that will support the swing.
  • Make a kitchen island using an old dresser

Kitchen islands are great because they provide room for preparing food and are excellent for extra storage. 

If you have an old dresser, it is possible to turn it into a nice kitchen island. Below is what you need:

  • Sandpaper 
  • Paint
  • Clearcoat 
  • Handles
Room furniture
  • Repurpose a baby crib

A piece of old furniture like a baby crib can be turned into a porch swing, magazine rack, bookshelf and more. It is possible to repurpose a crib because there are many pieces to use. The rails side can be turned into a magazine rack, drying rack, bike stand and more. The bed section can be turned to a sofa, an art table, a porch swing, and others.

Baby bed
  • Turn a dresser into a vanity

You will only need to add a sink and do some plumbing to achieve this. You will end with something that has enough storage and functionality. The items you require include:

  • Dresser 
  • Sink
  • Cutting tool
  • Paint
  • Faucet 
  • Hooks 

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You have now seen how picking up old furniture and repurposing it into something useful is possible. You are likely to save a lot and end up with something useful. Write to us if you would like to contribute to this topic or have a question.

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