The Best Garment Steamer of Present and Future: A Recent Study

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Garment Steamer

A few decades-old saying goes like this “First impression is the last impression”. It indicates that it is very much important to always keep ourselves in a presentable way.

We might be wearing the best clothes in the market but if they have wrinkles and not properly ironed then our first impression might not be a memorable one.

We should always wear clean and ironed clothes and for these, we often look out for some quality irons. To bridge this gap market has come up with the best garment steamer which is also known as clothes steamers.

A cloth steamer is an alternative to the traditional iron and is more effective in removing wrinkles from clothes. A garment steamer could be easily set up for usage. 

Applications of a Garment Steamer

  • Removing wrinkles from clothes is their prime attribute but apart from this, it also has some moderate uses.
  •  It helps to eliminate odors and freshens up those clothes which are difficult to clean.
  •  It is also used to remove dust from clothes.
  • It is used to clean mattresses.
  • A garment steamer could refresh blankets, quilts, pillows, and comforters

Comparison between a Garment steamer and Traditional steam irons

Garment steamers are a superb alternative and a nice addition to one’s iron collection. They are effective in removing wrinkles, dust, etc. They are portable and lightweight which makes them easier to carry.

Traditional iron also performs the same operations of a clothes steamer but are a bit bulky and takes more time to do the same work. There are also risks of burning the cloth if the contact surface gets very hot.

Drawbacks of a cloth steamer

There aren’t many disadvantages of a cloth steamer but again no device is perfect. A garment steamer is not suitable to use in heavy clothes and in clothes in which it is clearly mentioned “dry clean only”.

Best garment steamer for home usage

There is plenty of garment steamer but we have selected for our readers a few options which are an ideal choice for domestic usage. The list is given below:

  • Inalsa Steam master 1600 Watt Garment Steamer
  • The J-2000 Jiffy
  • Inalsa handy steam 600 – Watt Garment Steamer
  • Philips handheld 1000 watt Garment Steamer
  • Russell Hobbs RGS 1800 professional garment steamer

What are the best garment steamer in the USA market

In the USA the market is very big and it has a huge demand for clothes steamer. Our research team has handpicked the best steamers available in the market for our readers.

  • Conair Travel smart garment steamer
  • 850-watt handheld Epica Steamer
  • Pure steam pure enrichment fabric steamer
  • Steamfast Steamer- Model SF-407
  • Jiffy ESTEAM personal handheld steamer

Which is the overall best steamer to buy in 2020?

At times of purchasing a garment steamer, it becomes very difficult for a buyer to choose from so many given options. To ease out this problem we have collected feedback and reviews from customers and critics. we are putting forward the overall best garment steamer.

  • PurSteam PS-910 Heavy Duty powerful fabric steamer (Overall best)
  • Rowenta X-cel Steam Handheld Steamer
  • UR power cloth steamer (best budget steamer)
  • OXA portable Travel Steamer (Best travel steamer)
  • J-2000 Jiffy garment steamer (Best heavy performance steamer)

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