6 Best Tips to Keep a Well-Organised Apartment

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6 Best Tips to Keep a Well-Organised Apartment

Since people are living nuclear and moving from places to places, they are bound to make rented (read small!) space as their own. Staying in such a rented space comes often with a limited space and too many restrictions. And that doesn’t mean that you cannot stay happy, the first stair to which is a tidy and well-organised space

For some people that could be tiresome task, when all they are looking at doing whatever they wished. And spending time in making bed, stacking clothes and organising desk are last on that list when there are projects to accomplish and friends to party.

However, there’s one thing everyone will agree: messy and unorganised place is often the most common reason of embarrassment. To save you from facing you such a moment, this blog has 6 no-nonsense no-brainer pro tips, (besides the use of mirror and getting creative with paints and tape!).

Manage precious vertical space

1.  Manage precious vertical space

When real estate is all you are focussing on, you need to focus on making the most of vertical space. Some of the things that can be used are: 

  • Over-door hangers
  • Wall-sticking hooks
  • Shelves
  • Bunk-beds for kids
  • Wall-mounted ironing  boards
  • Wall-mounted shoe-holders and other such furniture
  • Vertical garden
  • Loft beds with storage or sitting arrangements 

2. Stay minimal

Clutter and chaos are often a result of things that are not needed yet are difficult to part with. Some of the most common example of the things that can free up space and help you to stay minimal:

  • Clothes that no longer fit, 
  • Toys that have lost their parts yet kept as memorabilia, 
  • Furniture that’s taking a little more space, 
  • Tools that are sparingly used or never for that matter (you couldn’t attempt the DIY you always had planned), 
  • Christmas decorations pieces that are a tad more faded and need replacement,
  • And the list could go long.

What you can attempt is:

  • Own a capsule wardrobe (mix-n-match items where everything could be used with every other thing avoiding the need for going multiple)
  • Generosity by donating what’s not needed anymore
  • Monochrome for beddings and furnishing to avoid storage and matching hassles
  • Making use of rental items that are needed infrequently 
  • Using public library
  • Avoiding item duplication

3. Increase item visibility

We tend to duplicate purchase things when we do not find them. This could be easily avoided by using space organizers. These handy items can help you assort and categorize items. Done in a way to let you know what’s stored, these things allow you to see what’s in the closet or a drawer.

Use pocket and self-storage Enfield or other cities organizers to allow you more visibility of the stored items so you do not duplicate things like innerwear, socks, stationery items, cutlery, etc.

The organizers come in various types:

  • Innerwear and clothing accessory organiser (preferably clear hanging bags with multiple pockets)
  • Box grids of multiple sizes and with varying number of rows and columns
  • Shirt racks
  • Desk organisers
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Makeup organiser
  • Toiletry Organiser

4. Bring home freestanding furniture

The best part of these is the fact they do not much of your assistance in assembling. And do not really hold much of the walking moving space. Your options could be:

  • Armoires
  • Media cabinets 
  • Bookcases
  • Tree-shaped coat/hat hangers
  • Corner shelves 

5. Add greenery where you can

Tell us you saw that coming. Greens are a way to brighten up space. You may be worried about them taking up space but if a little sunshine is in your apartment, you certainly can manage that much. There are several economical and attention-worthy tips for you to do that:

  • Use old cups and coffee mugs to cutely clutter you windowsill or short-height furniture.
  • Add tall-going low maintenance plants like Rubber Plant or ZZ Plant in the sad-looking corners.
  • Make space of hanging kitchen spice garden. A lot of DIY Ideas could be found on internet.
  • Create simple hanging container garden near windows if space is a concern.

6. Employ unseen spaces

Visible clutter can be worked out in the spaces that are not so visible or at least not immediately visible (Hint: because the shelf is above your eye level).

The spaces could be: 

  • Behind the doors
  • Nook and corners
  • Shelving spaces above the door
  • Under Bed (using bed risers)

Hope the blog has given you some bright ideas to make the living comfortable even if the space seen a little less than what you could make use of. And if that becomes a nuisance in itself, renting storage units is your best bet. See what’s best!


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