5 Drawing Room Ideas For Collectors

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5 Drawing Room Ideas For Collectors

A drawing room is an area of the house where hosts keep and entertain their guests. Compared to a living room, this area is usually formal and simple-looking. However, the concept has evolved to cater to various personas and tastes. In the case of item collectors, they tend to impress their guests but, at the same time, not drown them with too much detail.

Drawing rooms regularly have a quieter theme with only important furniture and other functional pieces. But if a homeowner wants to sneak in some of their precious stuff, a little personalization won’t make it lose its purpose. Here are some drawing room ideas for collectors.

Add A Personal Touch

You may want to add your name, a signature piece, favorite books, and other things that describe the owner. Some would go as far as displaying their trophies and achievements while figure collectors order a bobblehead that looks like them to show it at the center of their models. The artistic flair depends on what kind of impression you’d want your guest to have.

Add Valuable Items Inside A Glass Door

Collectors prioritize the safety of their pieces above anything else. Due to this, shelves with glass doors are one of the first things to purchase or build. It prevents items from imminent accidents and keeps the dust out. Tempered glasses are the most popular and practical picks for those who gather precious items.

Consider Built-in Shelves with Glass Protection

Instead of using cabinets that eat up space, go for versatile built-in shelves. The number one rule in using installed racks is that you can buy shelving units that you can assemble yourself, but do not try to create the shelving on your own. You can design them, but building these shelves alone exposes your items and other stuff together with it to the risk of falling apart. An experienced carpenter knows where to buy ready-to-install units and fix it securely.

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Light-up the Glass Cabinet

When it comes to adding a spotlight to your collection, LED lights are the best out there. They provide adequate illumination, are safe to use, and are practical for electricity consumption. You may opt for pin lights, LED lamps, and other forms. How you use them dramatically affects the presentation.

Fill the Entire Feature Wall

If you have unusual wind vanes, retro posters, or vinyl records you can hang, make sure to arrange them properly and fill the entire feature wall. It is usually the one behind the comfy couch where guests can take pictures of themselves with it while waiting for the real entertainment.

Floating Shelves

If there is enough space between the floor and the ceiling, you can utilize it to install floating shelves. They are typically inexpensive and easy to deal with, but they have to be completely symmetrical or neatly arranged. Because they are exposed, unlike collection pieces behind a glass door, you would need to put them a little overhead or only display stuff that doesn’t break easily.

Invest in Area Rugs

Area rugs anchor the furniture in place and unify all the elements to make them work for a single purpose. Pick a color that would blend well with other pieces, and make sure that you leave enough space from the wall to help it fulfill its purpose.

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